The Hound Hut has full
boarding accommodations for all sizes and breeds.
All breeds and non-altered animals are welcome with us at The Hound Hut.
We charge according to the size of your pet and how many nights of stay with us.
We have all the necessities that your pet will "need", but we welcome anything your pet "wants" to make their stay with us like home.


Our prices range from $26.00 to $40.00 per night, according to the size of the pet.

Call us for exact pricing for your pet

Boarding & Daycare

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Day Care

Our philosophy at The Hound Hut is that socialization is vital to a healthy, well rounded pet!  It is important that our pets be involved in a social setting for multiple reasons.

  • It helps mold our younger dogs by allowing them the nurture and education from a pack of their peers. For example, behaviors, potty training and commands.

  • For older dogs, it aides in getting them moving and active to help extend their years with us.

  • For hyper dogs,  it gives them more exercise then an owner can give them

  • For "un-ruly" pets, it helps them get past behaviors that could ultimately cause them to be deemed a pet that can not be with other animals or people. 

We have a structured environment to help with all the above. Constant supervision is always provided.


Our day care pricing is $15.00/per day/per pet.       **SUPER PRICING!!**